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I first want to honor you for seeking counseling. Sometimes, these big moments of transition in our lives lead us to recognize that we don’t want to repeat past experiences, we don’t want to do things the way we’ve done them before. In therapy, I’ll walk alongside you as you explore and uncover what YOUR solution is. I’ll listen to your story and help you find yourself and your new, authentic way of being in the world. Therapy must be a safe place where honesty and authenticity is honored, where you begin to experience the undoing of unbearable aloneness.

We often numb unbearable aloneness with defenses like ruminating, overeating, or drinking. Rather than masking it, we need to find ways to be connected. I specialize in AEDP and EMDR, which work to change the wiring of your nervous system that allows you a greater scope for compassion, courage, and clarity instead of fearful black and white thinking. 

You’re welcome to call me for a free 20-minute initial phone consultation or exchange a few emails to help you to determine if we would be a good fit before scheduling a session.







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