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Are you tired of running up against the same issues or triggers? Want to make past memories just that - things in the past? Tired of plateauing? Want to live life at the next level? Melissa can help.

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Clinical Approach and Credentials



Melissa Bannerot - EMDR, Women's Issues, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral, Trauma Counseling - Colorado Springs, CO

Melissa sees both adults and teens in her Colorado Springs counseling practice. Using a holistic approach that looks at the whole person and her clients’ experiences, she creates a personalized plan that meets her clients where they are with respect, compassion and acceptance. 


Using a variety of techniques, she works with clients who may be dealing with a variety of issues. While some clients are working on issues from their past that seem to keep them stuck or unable to reach the next level, others are working on creating new beliefs about their current sense of self in order to move toward higher levels of growth in the present and near future.


Melissa’s credentials include an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston and training EMDR. Her experience as a therapist includes providing therapy for women seeking nonviolent solutions to conflict, cognitive behavioral therapy for clients addicted to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, and providing EMDR therapy for overcoming traumatic experiences and enhancing current performance in a variety of arenas.



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