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Performance Enhancement

Focus on Your Strenghts 
Do you want to overcome your negative beliefs about your earning potential? Do you want to move to the next level in your career? Do you want to believe in your successes rather than question them?

Performance Enhancement is a form of EMDR that helps people to realized their maximum potential. It helps people to overcome barriers and maximize strengths. EMDR helps stimulate the brain’s information processing system and the rapid healing of psychological barriers that prevent optimal performance. EMDR Performance Enhancement was originally developed for athletes, performing artists, and business people. It helps to remove barriers that can prevent peak performance. It can assist teachers or business people become more confident with public speaking or a runner decrease his or her minutes per mile pace. Performance Enhancement can be also be helpful for people wanting to improve in more personal activities. It can be helpful with:
  • Increasing your earning potential,
  • Improving your creativity,
  • Improving social skills,
  • Improving time management skills,
  • Improving study habits, and 
  • Becoming more mindful.

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